Prop Designs


Cats and dogs two , my first assignment at Tippett,All The puppies and kittens can be quite depressing after 1 solid year..especially when your web site has the Domain name that mine does.... :p

Luckily the crew taught me a lot, I thank Jack Kim for teaching me about the complex facial systems at TIppett and Blair Clark and Nate for their guidance.

I did a lot of design work on the Mitch and Clive wet suits, and gear, this was a way of me trying to do get away from the fur as much as possible
these designs were all conceptualized and modeled, lookdeved in 1 day or less, Modelers were not given the chance to do design work so IF we were to do ANY designs they had to be done in as short a time as possible...

I Modeled a lot of the hero creatures including:
Mitch (cat with patch in his eye)
Paws (cat with metal teeth)
each creature had hundreds of facial shapes, allowing infinite facial animation.

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