Sopranos Road to Respect, This was one extremly painful project !, 1 week per character which meant it being Modeled, textured, Shaders, and All Facial Animation Talking Blendshapes for 3 characters in 3 weeks. I supervised the character Art Team and personally Modeled and textured the Tony and Joey Characters, TheBlendshapes and Construction worker was modeled by Taka Mizuno and textured by me. Additional Modeling/ texturing by Brandon Fayette and Mark Dedecker.

This was one of my first introductions to game cinematics...the insane deadlines...and the constant thought of...
if only we had more time.. i think i'll stick with feature films ...tooo tooo too short

Big thanks goes to
Brandon, Mark and Taka-San the mudbox ninja

Modeled in Maya/ MudBox, textured in Zbrush

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