Miguel Ortega HALO ODST Game Cinematic Brute
Miguel Ortega HALO ODST Game Cinematic Brute


HALO ODST game cinematic Brutes, This was my last project at CafeFX before leaving to Tippett Studios, it was a crazy deadline, and
the fastests ive ever worked. The end product was very cool. Im happy with how this guy turned out, considering he took
about 1/3 the time we have to do a character on a film. I desaturated the image because im not a big fan of overly saturated colors on monsters.
so i present it in black and white. but it was of course in color in the cinematics.

the final Animation can be seen here http://www.bungie.net/Projects/whvidldshbyjsdo/default.aspx

Company: CafeFX
Role: Model, Texture Supervisor

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