What Advice can you give me I want to do 3D modeling too?
Practice Practice Practice... its what I did and still do, I have far to go

How do i get a Job in the 3D industry?
get a good reel together.. all your diplomas, masters degrees and fluff wont do anything if you have a crappy reel.

What 3D software do you recommend I use?
I would start with Zbrush and Maya.. its what i use now.. However i do not encourage the use of zbrush alone as knowing zbrush alone will NOT get you a job. Zbrush compliments maya it does NOT replace it

Can i contact you Via Messenger or aim?
please write to me via email, i use messenger for work purposes,and its becoming very difficult for me to work with the volume of Messages I have been receiving lately via messenger. wish I could chat but I am extremely busy, If you want your work critiqued please email URLs or JPGs. Thank You

How did you get your first 3D job?
I worked hard on my reel for 2 years... and then was given a great opportunity by a great company

Will you create a free model for a mod game I'm making?
sorry i don' work for free.

What school do you recommend I go to?
I recommend a 1-2 year school, obviously Gnomon would be my first recommendation since I went there AND i teach there but VFS is also another school I would recommend. The main thing to consider however is that you need to move to California eventually if you want to do 3D professionally...so you might as well just move once.

What do you think of Gnomon?
Gnomon gives you what you put into it..theres no magic potion they provide.

What days do you teach at Gnomon
I only teach on weekends. Saturdays 1-4

Can you critique my work?
sure as long as you are considerate of my time, I would love to have the time to review peoples work all day but I work full time , and Teach on the weekends.. Please send me a finished reel (URL) or Jpgs..DO NOT EMAIL ME ZIP FILES...

Do you speak Spanish?
Si senor

Can you send me your models so i can see them?
No Senor

Where did you get all those toys?
Ebay and comic book stores...

Are those Dogs real?

MudBOX or zbrush ?
i love them both...


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